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BLACK color in underwear

MELNA krāsa apakšveļā

BLACK color in underwear

Black is a symbol of elegance. Black is always in fashion and is associated with mystery, sensualy and sophistication. It is not for nothing that we associate the color black with the French, because those who have been to Paris know that black is the dominant color in Parisian clothing. But it's no secret that the French have long excelled in the fashion sphere and are considered great lovers in relationships. So what does the color black in underwear symbolize?



How the color of underwear affects us, what signals it sends

Color affects a person at the subconscious level, so the partner may not even be aware of the color of the underwear. And yet - if you know what each color can tell about the specific person, maybe you will learn a lot of interesting things about yourself and your partner.

BLACK this time.

Black color in underwear gives a hint to the partner that he can behave freely, relaxed, without obstacles and restrictions. Women who wear black underwear love to experiment, are confident in themselves and are looking for something new in a relationship. They want to be sexually balanced, combining activity and passivity. It is important for them to be sensually charming and to realize that they are desirable.

Do you also like black underwear?

Choosing black, you will not go wrong, because it is a color with a secret....

This fall we offer novelty - the Black Diamond collection.

The collection includes bras of 5 shapes - for different tastes and shapes. Choose the right one for you and find your BLACK feeling…..


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