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Underwear should be comfortable like second skin

Ne velti saka, ka apakšveļai jābūt kā otrai ādai

Underwear should be comfortable like second skin


Comfort and practicality are important conditions for us to feel good in everyday life. The accelerated pace of life in today's world has turned fashion towards convenience and practicality. These are the parameters that guide women in choosing lingerie today. Beauty and exclusivity are no longer her basic needs. No wonder they say that underwear as a second skin - should be soft and invisible. With today's fast-paced rhythm of life, it`s very important to feel comfortable and cozy, especially in the underwear, which is closest to our body. This feeling can give us SPACER!

You`ve probably encountered the name SPACER Bra when choosing lingerie and have probably wondered what this foreign term, which is totally not associated with lingerie, implies. If you want to expand your knowledge and find out more about this innovative material which almost all international lingerie brands have been using in their collections in recent years, read on.

The SPACER Bra is a great alternative to the usual smooth moulded or half-padded bra. The difference is in the SPACER material used in the manufacture of a bra. SPACER is a special breathable 3D material. It allows air to pass through the product, keeping the body temperature and wicking away moisture. The SPACE cups are moulded so the bra is smooth and unobtrusive even under tight fitting clothes. Modern, light and airy with the latest technololgy , this bra will become one of your favorites.

The image below shows what the SPACE material is made of and how it works::

Spacer material in cross-section

The Spacer is a new hot product! The cups can be bent, maintain their shape well and do not wrinkle - perfect for travelling. No matter how crumpled the bra may seem unpacking the bag, the cups restore their original shape and look perfect.

If you feel that your everyday bra is lacking something, it might be time to try a new sensation. The Spacer will definitely not leave you indifferent!

Spacer is a premium fabric that gives maximum comfort and freshness combined with excellent support. Get maximum comfort and find out what it's like to forget you're wearing a bra.


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